March 14, 2018
9 am - 4 pm
Hops: From Pint to Pillow to Bitters, Bath & Beyond
Administration Building

Taught by Susan Belsinger

Come find out why Hops (Humulus lupulus) was chosen as Herb of the Year 2018—and celebrate this versatile plant with recipes from the kitchen to the boudoir! This class will cover the many uses of hops around the globe, throughout history, both traditional and non-traditional uses. Susan will briefly address why hops are an essential ingredient in making beer and discuss fragrance and flavor. Susan will demonstrate how to prepare a hops tea using the strobiles and a Welsh Rarebit using IPA for you to sample.

Given their very bitter properties, Susan will discuss how they aid digestion and how to prepare your own bitters for a digestive. She will discuss the chemical constituents in hops, as well as the medicinal aspects for relaxation--why they help us to sleep whether taken as a tea, used in the tub or in a dream pillow. Each student will get to make their own bath blend for relaxation, their own dream pillow and their own hop bitters to take home. Hop to it and sign up for this fun, hands-on class celebrating Hops, Herb of the Year 2018! Recipe handouts will be provided. Registration deadline two weeks before class date.

Class minimum is 3 and maximum is 8. 

Admission: $20 Registration Fee: Class fee is $100 for the class plus $25 materials fee.

CONTACT: (870) 269-3851,