2017 Dulcimer Jamboree-Ozark Folk Center State Park
April 20-22, 2017

Mountain Dulcimer
Judson Steinback-New Players ONLY
Tull Glazener
Duane Porterfield
Gary Gallier

Hammered Dulcimer
Joe Jewell-New Players ONLY
Rick Thumb
Ilace Mears
Stephen Humphries

2017 Dulcimer Jamboree Registration
2017 Hammered Dulcimer Class Schedule and Description
2017 Mountain Dulcimer Class Schedule and Description
2017 Dulcimer Contest General Rules

Hammered Dulcimer Schedule

Payment information
$150 for all three days
$200 for all three days AFTER April 6, 2017

$75 single day registration, walk up only
(no single day pre-registration)

Our annual Dulcimer Jamboree features a “round robin” class format for both mountain and hammered dulcimers. Students should select their level of play in the registration form.

Please note, students will have the option for classes with each instructor over the three day event and we are making plans for additional workshops with select instructors.

The “new players” class is for those just starting out and is designed for students to work with one instructor for the duration of the workshop. Those wanting to move to different levels or classes will have the ability to do so (depending on class size).

In addition to classes, the Dulcimer Jamboree also features sanctioned dulcimer contests as well as afternoon and evening performances from all the instructors.

In the links above you’ll find information on contest rules, workshop registration and class descriptions (including level of playing ability). Check our website for updated information on schedules and class descriptions as they become available.

**** Note***
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly will not be attending this years’ Jamboree. It’s with much regret they’ve had to cancel their engagement, but we fully support and understand their decision . We’ve already made arrangements for them to return in 2018.

At this time, we will not be adding a replacement and continue forward with the great line up of players and instructors already on the roster.

General Information

Doors to Administration Building open each morning at 8:00 A.M.

Registration: April 20th doors open at 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning.  Students check in and register at the Administration Building. Information, nametags, and schedules will be available in the lobby. Class fees include all dulcimer events, admission to crafts, music programming, and contest entry if desired.

Orientation: April 20th 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning in the White Oak auditorium in the Administration Building.

Workshops:  Classes start at 9 a.m. in the Ozark Folk Center Administration Building and Large Auditorium.  Instruction will be provided for new players through advanced levels in mountain and hammered dulcimer.  Topics may include:  Chording and chord structure, finger style picking techniques, refinements such as adding embellishments, harmonies, fills, perfecting skills, instrument construction, playing in contests, repertoire, and more.  

Contests:  A contest entry fee of $10.00 is required for contest entry only if you do not enroll in the workshops.  Contestants must register in person, during the event. Mail or phone registration for contests cannot be processed.  Registration for the workshop permits entry into all divisions (including Ensemble) without additional charge, plus admission for the participant to Crafts and Music concert on the day of the contest only.  

Loaners or Rental Instruments:
Please contact one of the “Jamboree Sponsors” listed below or make arrangements with an instructor if possible.

Jamboree Sponsors:
Thanks to these folks for their support of the contests and prizes:
McSpadden Musical Instruments:  Jim Woods    
The Dulcimer Shoppe, PO BOX 1230 Mountain View AR 72560 (870)269-4313
The Dulcimer House: Dennis Moran
1908 S. Florence, Tulsa, OK 74104; (918)744-8928
Masterworks Dulcimer: Russell Cook
36613 US Hwy 70, Bennington, OK 74723

What is my Level of Play?
All levels will be offered during the Annual Dulcimer Jamboree in April.  See the registration form to choose you level of playing ability. You indicate your predominate level merely to give the instructors an estimated head count for their classes, students can move to different levels and classes as class size allows.  Each hour of the Jamboree workshops, you may attend the class offering a topic of most interest to you which will not be too advanced or too elementary for you.