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Flame Painting Copper

ght by Skip and Racheal Mathews

Three day workshops are offered in 2017:
  March 20-22
  May 15-17

One day workshops are offered as well.

Registration Form

Each class requires pre-registeration and teacher approval and the deadline for registration is two weeks prior to the class date. Classes fill quickly so call today, 870/269-3851.

Three day workshop – During this workshop each student will learn the basic techniques and procedures for creating shapes, patterns and colors on copper with a torch. You’ll also learn the best ways to get seal and keep the best colors. Students will learn to develop skills in controlling the shape of the flame and the amount of heat of the flame in order to draw your shapes and patterns on the copper pieces you’ve created. Then you will begin learning to anticipate the color order and layer the colors into the shapes you drew.

During the course you will complete several flame colored projects. You will leave the course with a procedures manual and equipment list that will enable you to find the items you need to set up your own home studio. This class will give you what you need to build skills in this wonderful medium.

This process is exciting to learn. All the colors are harmonious and quite beautiful, but this is not an easy art form to control. It usually takes about one year of practice to begin getting consistent patterns and colors.  But practicing this medium is great fun and the colors are always beautiful. Skip and Rachel are happy to consult with students as they continue on learning the art of copper flame painting.

Prerequisites – Instructor approval is required to take this class. You must know how to solder with a torch, as you will be making your own pieces to flame paint. Email Racheal at coppercolorist@msn.com or call 417-527-8449 (evenings) for approval.  Skip and Racheal offer a one day soldering workshop as a one-on-one class at your convenience. Contact the park at 870-269-3851 to arrange this workshop.

Tools to bring to the three day workshop:
  • Ball peen hammer
  • Vice Grip for small work like jewelry – like the Huskey from Lowe’s
  • Long Nose Plier
  • Wire cutter for small work like jewelry – also available at Lowe’s

Total cost of this three day class is $410, which includes the registration fee, class fee, a copy of the Procedures Manual and materials for class projects. The $60 registration fee is due to the Ozark Folk Center when you call to register. We must have an emailed instructor approval before you can register.

The remaining $350 is due to Skip and Racheal at the beginning of class.

Registration deadline is two weeks before the start date of the class.

Minimum number of students is 1/maximum is 4

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One Day Independent Study Workshop

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