Jeff Glover is as enthusiastic as a kid when he talks about the Candle Shop at the Ozark Folk Center.  “Candle making is a lot like cooking, and I love cooking,” said Jeff. “It’s a mix of art and science. You can experiment and create new things with simple ingredients.”


With his wife Traci, and their children, Fox and Rori, Jeff has added a new light to the ancient art of candle making. The family has transformed the little shop into an interesting blend of color and scent.  “We have cool candles that look like food,” said Rori.


Fox and Jeff both really like dipping the tapers. They use the big iron dipping racks to make many candles at one time. It takes skill to make good looking, even, finished candles. Fox explains to visitors how you have to carefully lower the rack into the vat, so the hot wax doesn’t splash or swirl around and make lumpy candles.  “It’s old world tech,” said Jeff. “Candles are beautiful works of art, history, science, education and talent all rolled up into one.”


Visitors have always enjoyed being able to dip small handmade tapers into vats of colored wax to make their own colored candles. Jeff explains why the color dips are so popular with visitors.  “It’s a work of art that appeals to modern people’s need for instant gratification,” he explained. “Anyone can do it. It’s a simple expression of creativity.”


The Glovers will be making and selling rolled bees wax candles, sand candles, souvenir candles and some Ozark Folk Center logo candles. They’ll also be carrying old-fashioned essential oils and oil lamps.

“It’s called the candle shop,” said Jeff, “but really it’s a old-fashioned light shop.”


Visit with the Glover family in the Candle Shop at the Ozark Folk Center Tuesday through Saturday from 10-5.