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Music Schedule

August Music Schedule

Tuesday, August 25
Daytime: Unkle Dave
Evening: Closed
Wednesday, August 26
Daytime: Sibling Rivalry
Evening: Leatherwoods, Bob Olivera, 5 South, New Cut Road, Wiede Family, Switchback Road
Thursday, August 27
Daytime: Original flat Hoof Stringband
Evening: Smith & Jensen, Old Timers, Fog on the Mountain, Odell Jackson, Grace Stormont
Friday, August 28
Daytime: Fog on the Mountain
Craft Village Feature Performance Concert 2-3pm Dan Levenson
Evening: Feature Performer Dan Levenson
   Upjumpers, Here Comes Trouble, Pretty Lil' Miss, Sibling Rivalry

Saturday, August 29
Daytime: Whoa Mule!
Evening: Feature Performer Dan Levenson
   Ruby Pines, Herbin' League, 5 South
Tuesday, Sept. 1
Daytime Musician: Sheryl Irvine
Evening: Closed
Wednesday, Sept. 2
Daytime Musicians: Flathoof Stringband
Evening: Dave Smith, Old timers, Roger Fountain, Jack & Mary, Bob Olivera
Thursday, Sept. 3
Daytime Musicians: Sibling Rivalry
Craft Village Feature Performance Concert 2-3pm Dave Para & Cathy Barton
Evening: Dave Para & Cathy Barton (see link above), Backwoods Arkansas, Possum Juice
Daytime Musicians: 5 South
Ramona Jones & Family
Saturday, Sept. 5 *Grandpa Jones Tribute*
Daytime Musicians: Pretty Lil Miss
Ramona Jones & Family
Sunday, Sept. 6 *Labor Day Weekend*
Daytime Musicians: Possum Juice
Evening: Closed
Monday, Sept. 7 *Labor Day Weekend*
Daytime Musicians: Whoa Mule!
Evening: closed
Tuesday, Sept. 8
Daytime Musicians: Grace Stormont
Evening: Closed
Wednesday, Sept. 9
Daytime Musicians: Roger Fountain
Evening: Possum Juice, Duane Porterfield, Peck of Peppy Pickers, Bess Kelly & Friends, Odell Jackson
Thursday, Sept. 10
Daytime Musicians: Nathan Cobb & Friends
Evening: Twang, Wiede Family, Grace Stormont, Dave Branscecum, Charlie Mink
Friday, Sept 11 * Folk Dance Days*
Daytime Musicians: Woodsong
Evening: Cobb Brothers, Ozark Foot Song, Dave Smith, Aubrey & Elwood
Saturday, Sept. 12 *Folk Dance Days*
Daytime Musicians: Mary Parker & Friends
Tuesday, Sept. 15
Daytime Musicians: Unkle Dave
Evening: Closed
Wednesday, Sept. 16
Daytime Musicians: The Glovers
Evening: Chinkypin, Fog on the Mountain, Mary Parker & Friends, Gabi & Albee, Prestin Garey
Thursday, Sept. 17
Daytime Musicians: Prestin Garey
Evening: Ruby Pines, Sibling Rivalry, 5 South, The Glover Family, Kathy Jenson
Friday, Sept. 18
Daytime Musicians: Fog on the Mountain
Evening: Steel Wheels, Grace Stormont & Kai Perry
Saturday, Sept. 19
Daytime Musicians: Rough & Ready
Evening: Bona Fide Stringband, Flat Broke, Pretty Lil Miss, Rough & Ready
Tuesday, Sept. 22
Daytime Musicians: Mary Parker & Friends
Evening: Closed
Wednesday, Sept. 23
Daytime Musicians: Cindy Rice
Evening: Smith & Jenson, Old Timers, Wiede Family, Herbin League, Long Ago Stringband
Thursday, Sept. 24
Daytime Musicians: Grace Stormont
Craft Village Performance 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Cindy Woolf  & Mark Bilyeu
Evening: Feature Concert Cindy Woolf  & Mark Bilyeu (see link above)
Upjumpers, Backwoods Arkansaw
Friday, Sept. 25
Daytime Musicians: Sibling Rivalry
Evening: Keith Symanowitz, Cobb Brothers, Duane Porterfield, 5 South, Flat Broke
Saturday, Sept. 26
Daytime Musicians: Duane Porterfield
Craft Village Performance 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Wil Maring
Evening: Feature Concert Wil Maring (see link above), Possum Juice, Gabi & Albee
Tuesday, Sept. 29
Daytime Musicians: Fog on the Mountain
Evening: Closed
Wednesday, Sept. 30
Daytime Musicians: Prestin Garey
Evening: Peck of Peppy Pickers, Mary Parker & Friends, Dave Smith, Jack & Mary, Panther Mountain

**Schedule Subject to Change**

Ticket Information: 2015 OFCSP Season Passes are good for both performances. Individual tickets are available for each performance; $12.00 single event ticket includes admission to Craft Ground and afternoon show only. $12.00 single for admission to evening concert in Large Auditorium only. Combo tickets for both shows and Craft Ground admission are $19.50. Individual tickets and seating for this event are general admission only, no reserved seats.

Call 870-269-3851 for more information or to purchase a 2015 Season Pass.

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