Folk Kids' Club

Want to be a part of one of the most educational and fun clubs for kids in Arkansas?
All you have to do is visit Ozark Folk Center State Park. This is a special club just for our young visitors that encourages participation in all sorts of activities, from perfecting pioneer living skills to crafts. Upon entry into the park, each child automatically becomes a member of the Folk Kids' Club. They can pick up materials for a scavenger hunt throughout the park. When they return with a completed card, they will receive a “Folk Kids” button and other special treats! There are also special bChildren learning to weaveooths throughout the park that give your child the opportunity to have a hands-on experience and learn a little bit about different pioneer living skills and crafts. They can try on a coonskin hat and be a Mountain Man, or try their hand at weaving. Join one of the most fun clubs for kids in Arkansas!